Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Sampler!

So, I totally forgot to take pictures of my Halloween Sampler!! I can't believe it! I decided to post a picture of my adorable daughter instead!!

The Halloween Sampler included:

Junior Mint - Chocolate cake with mint icing
Caramel Apple - Apple cake with caramel icing and rolled in chopped peanuts.
Reese's Pieces - Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting! My husband's favorite!
Whoppers - Chocolate cake with malted milk buttercream and crushed Whoppers.
Heath Bar Blondie - My new Favorite!! A traditional blondie with with chocolate chips and Heath bar pieces mixed in! Ohhhhh...I'm going to go eat one right now!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Simple and Sweet

The bride and groom that ordered these cupcakes just wanted something simple and elegant. They ordered the cute liners online and sent them my way. Each liner had a different cupcake flavor inside.

The bride even made a cute cupcake sign on a chalkboard...I need to start making these! It was so adorable!!

My favorite wedding coordinator was there too! If you need a great one, check Carina out!! She's so professional and awesome too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Baseball Cupcakes!

I had a gal that wanted cupcakes to celebrate her dad's 60th birthday. He was a big local baseball fan so we decided to put the Dodger and Angel's logo in there along with some baseballs and mitts.

Happy Birthday!!

Polka Dots!!

These are my top selling cupcakes! Who doesn't love to look at and eat a polka dot!! I know I do!!

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