Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tip on How to Juice a Lemon!

I was making some lemon cupcakes today with lemon buttercream icing. One of my favorite childhood flavors; I always asked for it on my birthday!

When making lemon icing, I just HAVE to use fresh squeezed lemons, it makes it oh so much better! My mom's tip was to roll the lemon with the palm of your hand on the countertop before juicing, but my tip is even better!

How to get almost double the amount of lemon juice out of a lemon - microwave the lemon for 10-15 seconds and then squeeze! You won't believe how much juice you will get!

Happy Squeezing!


P.S. I haven't tried this for oranges, I would up the microwave time a little. But I bet it would be awesome when making fresh squeezed orange juice!

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